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Koninginnedag 2011

Sneldichten op koninginnedag

Op drie aangegeven wooden ma’am ik een achtregelig gedicht in hafrijm. Ejidos van vandaag :

1( boef, engel,ondeugd)

Voor Vanessa

Mijn engel ook zonder vleugels
De hemel is jouw thuis
Je brengt me alles wat ik wil
Je maakt mijn huis

Mijn boef je geeft de ondeugd
Fijn zijn plek
Je houdt me stevig vast
Je maakt me alle dagen gek

skating in sweden

> Between old wooden houses
> We walk down
> On the promised ice
> Sigtuna!
> Our brand new
> Skates carry us away
> Stumbling falling
> Trying to find the fine
> Balance we thought
> We owned back home
> Around us empty
> Space the shores
> Silent but for
> The Viking army
> The trees witness
> Our despair our
> Determination to
> Match winter in Sweden
> Far above us birds
> Glide without effort
> Elegantly against
> The blue Skye
> We rest we pause
> We talk we warm
> Ourselves at the fire
> Like kids we enjoy
> Burned sausages
> The last stretch of
> Ice brings us
> Into the heart
> Of sophisticated
> Stockholm the fading
> Sunlight colours the
> Vast whiteness of our
> Imagination

out in the archipelango
our breakfast hesitated
our stomachs disagreed
to start the day with
grey clouds and wind
we skated until the
border of the black ice
mirroring small islands
and clearing skye
all of us dreamt
crossing straight
over the black plain
forgetting about fear
with long strokes we
skated sailing in
the strong western wind
on wings of fate
in a hideous corner
suddenly ulrika fell
red blood on white snow
she didn’t say a word
of pain before sturdily
she went on pale and plastered
the last clouds left
heaven to a red sun
between the far isles
spots of horizon
filled our minds
with a sense of freedom
and endless space



Back on black ice

Eagerly we got out
In early morning
To fulfill our last day
Outward bound

The low sun sent
Orange beams over
The shining surface
Our feet didn’t hesitate

Our aches and pains
Were forgotten
As we danced
As swans on the sea

Until the edge
Of the open sea
We skated and
Wondered how thick the ice

The surface had frozen
This night under
Bright stars after
Our hot sauna

Over dinner we
Had discovered
Closeness common pleasure
And old comradeship

Just when our minds
Touched heaven the ice
Broke and the cold water
Tried to pull me down

The swift rescue
Changed drama for
A nice story :
Swedish skating adventure



toen we de ijsvloer
tastend betraden
zagen we vol ongeloof
over het wijde ijs
ver weg wisten we
de bomenrand vreesden
de diepte onze schaatsen
zochten een veilig spoor
naar de stille overkant
hoog aan de hemel
zweefden vogels
gedragen door
de koude westenwind
laag over het ijs
scheerden we
tenslotte losgemaakt
voelden we ruimte


Geloof en werk

Essay over de samenhang tussen levensbeschouwing en arbeid

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